Meet Marty Higgins

Martin V. Higgins, CFP, CLU, AEP is founder of the International Educational Finance Institute (IEFI).  With over 30 years of experience as both a financial planner and as a teacher, mentor, and coach to financial planners just like you, Marty is committed to working closely with you to help you work towards wealth, success, and a freedom-based lifestyle.

What makes Marty Higgins your preferred expert financial practice growth and success coach?  Unlike many other coaches, who long ago bid adieu to active involvement as a financial planner, Marty owns and manages his own financial services firm, Family Wealth Management.  He is meeting with clients every day, staying intimately familiar with their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns.  This translates into a hands-on, up-to-the-minute understanding of the playing field YOU are playing on.